What’s New Dec 15/08

Did some fun stuff this weekend–fun business stuff that is.

I set myself up on Twitter. To you tweet?


I also added a new plugin to the Welcome Changes Radio site. It’s called “commentluv”. What happens is it actually connects to your last blog post when you comment. It’s only working on the blog posts, and not the pages. I haven’t figured that part out yet, or if I can even do that. Still some experimenting to go, but it’s at least up!

If you have already listened to a favourite show, would you head on over and post a comment? I’d love to see if this thing is working!

If you don’t have a favourite yet, and you do have a blog, and you’re willing to help me out, I last week’s show with Kathleen Gage was awesome! (How was that for a run-on-sentence?)


If you have a favourite show you’ve listened to, head on offer and post your comments. The intention is that the commenting supports your work too.

We pretty much had to stay in all weekend. It was blizzarding Friday night and Saturday morning. We got as low as -37F (which included the wind chill) while I was still awake.


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