Supersized Vision Gifts

Last Thursday I went to Toastmasters fully expecting to be able to share about the previous Thursday where I was the winner in the Area Toastmasters International Speech Contest.  I brought my trophies.  I was late because of having a “discussion” with my son prior to leaving.

They had bets on whether or not I’d be late today, with the celebration at hand. LOL  Someone bought supper! 

Anyway, I really had no expectations of sharing anything until the end of the meeting.  That’s when we usually share our outside speaking engagements, or events where Toastmasters has supported us.

One of the ladies of our group had a speech.  Nice!  I always enjoy them, especially this lady’s speeches.  Some how she always gets the tears flowing for me as she shares from her personal experience.  She’s truly a gifted speaker. 

I didn’t think anything of it.  It was a project from her next manual.  She already has her Competent Communicator designation.

This project was “Acknowledging a Friend” or something like that.

It ended up she acknowledged me!

So, first Vision Gift, someone doing a speech about me.  Can I supersize this?  Yes, and I can feel the butterflies of that prospect.

It was wonderful to hear some of the things she shared.  Apparently she thought I owned the stage at the contest!  I did feel more comfortable than I expected, and it was really cool to hear someone else’s experience too.

Second Vision Gift.  Can I supersize the stage?  Yes!  And I can also feel the butterflies of this too!

I’m Stretching with these!

The Third Vision Gift?  That was coming, and it triggered the biggest set of butterflies yet!

After the speech, I was feeling warm, fuzzy and a bit teary.  It was an awesome gift, and I was and am truly grateful.


The whole group stood up and gave m my first Standing Ovation.

Yes, I buried my face in my hands. I couldn’t help the tears.  I was surprised, and grateful.

Can I supersize THIS?  Yes! And oh man the butterflies! Supersized Butterflies!

I’ve learned that if the butterflies don’t come, it’s either not much of a vision, or, sometimes, the vision is so far out I can’t sense the feeelings yet. The fact that I can feeel the butterflies is really quite exciting!

Have you received some Vision Gifts lately? They can be from personal experiences, or from observing someone else’s experience. 

Can you supersize them? 

Do the butterflies come?

Are you ready to S-t-r-e-t-c-h?


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