Interviewing for Recording of JOYtastic Women

The domain has been bought, but nothings up there yet.

Some speakers have agreed to play too.

I’ve been interviewing videographers and producers over the past two days, and it has been  wonderfully interesting process!  I am learning a lot.  And I’ve had my eyes roll into the back of my head a lot too!

One camera or two.  Do I rent audio equipment separately.  What’s the lighting like in the location?  What do I want with respect to post-production?

So many excellent questions.  So many quiet moments on the phone.  LOL…OK, not really.  Rarely are there quiet moments on the phone with me.  (As my Mom…LOL)

What I do want is to have something available for participants so they have follow up after the event. 

I’ve been to so many wonderful events, and while I always gave myself permission to walk away with one or two great things from each event, there were times afterwards that I wish I had a photographic memory.  I felt I was ready for some of the information I didn’t retain.

I’m toying around with creating a sort of membership site for after the event, where the videos of the event are streaming.  That way, the participants could go back and pick out new pieces to play with, and it would be included in the tuition.  I haven’t fully decided on this, and would love to hear opinions on this thought.

I will, of course, be making DVD’s available after the event too.  Not everyone wants to sit at their computer.  icon smile Interviewing for Recording of JOYtastic Women

One of the people I interviewed said making HD video downloadable can be done too.  Hmmmm…instant gratification for those who have high speed internet.  Maybe.

Streaming? Download? DVD?  If you knew it was something you really wanted to have access to, which would you pick?

Allowing the creative ideas to come in, and I’ll plurk with them. (play+work=plurk)

More stuff to come on JOYtastic Women!

Dream BIG!

Velma Gallant
The Queen of JOY!
(and a JOYtastic Woman)

Play Play Play…It’s All A Game Anyway!

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