There is Only Today

It’s a special day for me today.  10 years!  We’ve made it!  It’s a wonderful milestone, and definitely worth a celebration. 

It’s been up.  It’s been down.  It’s been easy.  It’s been difficult.  There have been times where I’ve wondered if we’d make it.  Other times I knew we’d be together forever.

But really…what’s that all mean?

It means throughout the 10 years I’ve let my thoughts hang out in our past, my past, our future, my future.  In reality, through those 10 years, there’s only ever been Today.

Today is yesterday’s tomorrow, and tomorrow’s yesterday. 

Do I really want to be consistently hanging out in tomorrow’s and yesterdays? 

What about today?

(If I keep this up, I’m going to confuse myself!)

Today, because that’s all there really is, has already started out wonderful.  After walking our son to school together, we went for coffee at the local Tim Hortons.  OK…he had coffee and I had green tea.  Whatever.

Anyway, as we’re sitting there chatting, a really nice couple started up a conversation with us.  What was supposed to be a 45 minute coffee turned into a 2 hour visit with a new set of friends!  It was wonderful.  He’s a “realist” like my hubby, and she’s a “polly-anna” like me.

We knew that moving to the new community was the next chapter in our lives, and we both have been missing our friends “back home”.  (Yesterday-Thinking)  We both knew, though, that we made our life in Claresholm as wonderful as it was, so it was up to us to make our lives here wonderful too.  (Tomorrow-Thinking)

Today, we really started moving in that direction.  It’s amazing how things start to happen once you make the decision.  I love meeting new people.  We’ll probably see them tomorrow at coffee too!

Makes me think.  If Yesterday-Thinking helps to create positive and valuable Tomorrow-Thinking, that’s a good thing!  Using them as a tool, rather than trying to live in them is worth it.

I can really get of on tangents!  Marriage to Yesterday to Tomorrow to Today to Coffee!

That’s OK.  I’m really a Bite Thinker.  Inspirations come to me in bites a lot of the time.  I find it easier that way.  I can chew on them, savour them, appreciate them, and if they feel right, own them.

That’s really what Juicy Bites of Welcome Changes is all about too.  It’s full of bite-size awarenesses, lessons, inspirations (whatever you want to call them).  The official sub-title is “Create Balance and Joy Through Change One Bite at a Time”.

There are 80 Bites, all nutritionally balanced to nurture your mind, body, spirit and emotions.

It’s not a book you have to read from cover to cover (but if you want to that’s OK).  It’s not a book you print out either.  That I definitely recommend.  You open it up, scan the table of contents, and when one of the Bites jumps out at you, you click it, and then read it.  It takes just 5 minutes (or less). 

Are you playing with beliefs?  What about goals, or visioning?  Perhaps it’s forgiveness or trusting your intuition?  There are bites for each of these and more.

Have you noticed something about the tools I have created?  They’re all quick and simple!  I believe simplicity is valuable.  I also believe that quick is too!  I knew that if it takes too long I won’t do it.  Life gets busy!

I think I’m not only the Queen of JOY, but I’m the Queen of 5 Minute Tools too!

All these 5 minutes tools are what got me here…to 10 years of marriage.  All the challenges we went through created the marriage I’m appreciating today.  And, I’m appreciating these tools that also helped make it happen. 

Maybe, just maybe, these 5 minute tools can support you too.  Whatever it is you’re playing with right now.

And don’t forget to use the Coupon Code ANNIVERSARY to get $10 off of each of these.  If you want $10 off of both, you’ll just have to make each purchase separately.

I’m off to have a wonderful lunch with my hubby.  We deserve it! 

Dream BIG(GER)!

Velma Gallant
The Queen of JOY!

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