Get Rid of Fear with 3 Powerful Words

“Everything has a purpose. There are no freaks, misfits, or accidents. There are only misunderstandings and mysteries not yet revealed to mortal man.” ~ Marlo Morgan, Mutant Message Down Under

There are no coincidences.  I’ve heard this time and time again.  You probably have too.  It’s okay to accept this when the “coincidence” is in our favour, but what if it isn’t?  What if what happened is scary or doesn’t feel good?  There is no comfort in “There are no coincidences.”

This is where I find the second part of Marlo’s quote from her book so valuable.  “…mysteries not yet revealed”.

Often we cannot see what’s on the other end of the experience.  It’s a mystery, and because we can’t see the whole story, the part we experience grows and takes on a terrifying visage.  The dust bunnies under the bed become a monster.

We think that what we don’t know can hurt us.  More often than not, what we make up hurts us more than the reality to come.

The worry creates sleepless nights, ulcers, upsets with our loved ones, body tension, headaches, and more.  Our relationships and our bodies take the hit for our over-active imagination.

We think we have no control over our thoughts.  They scream on like a run-away train on a circular track.

You do have control—more than you are aware of.  The circular track is the neuro-pathway that has burned into place through habitual thinking.  The train’s speed is the brain’s familiarity with that neuro-pathway.

There are three powerful words you can use to shift your train off the circular track it’s so familiar with. 

These three words will pull the brakes for your train, allowing you to move slowly forward onto a different track.

You may be moving into unfamiliar territory, but to be honest, your circular track is taking you nowhere, and it’s damaging your body, your emotions, and your spirit.

These three words are:

What’s the Truth?

The Truth is you don’t know what’s in the future. 

The Truth is not emotionally attached to the present facts.

The Truth is not your past either.  Memories are past facts, not present facts.

When we are riding the train on the circular track, the chances of noticing opportunities and solutions are minimal. 

It’s not until we ask “What’s the Truth” and return to the Now that we can see our next step.

The Mystery is revealed and the value received when we can surrender to the experience, be in the Now, and be open to taking the next step—one step at a time.


Velma Gallant, The Queen of JOY! is an author, speaker, teacher, and healer.  As the host of “Welcome Changes Radio, she has interviewed over 100 personal growth and development experts.  Between growing up, raising a family, and building her business, she’s come to the conclusion that life is a continuous series of events and transitions.  There were times when she felt lost, broken, and confused, until she realized she wasn’t defined by these events and transitions.  Velma has stopped defining herself by what she does and the events of her life, and invites you to do the same!  JOY comes from within, and has been there all along, waiting to be rediscovered.

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