Love is in the Air

This weekend was very special for me, in a lot of ways.

I celebrated with a dear friend as she married her dashing and loving partner.  I didn’t know anyone at this event, but this friend meant a lot to me so I went.  The room was over-filled with love.  I’m all about Family, and this was an “all about family” experience.  This friend’s family embraced me and made me feel so welcome.  There were here in a room full of people they knew and love, and yet they took the time to make me feel safe and welcome.  Though I am extremely grateful for their kindness, I’m not surprised.  This friend is the same way.  That’s why we hit it off so well.  Our highest values are the same.  Family above all else.

Another dear friend had a birthday party for her eldest son.  I wasn’t able to go to this as it was the same day as the wedding.  I was so sad.  Her children are like my own, and our children have grown up together.  My son and husband went to his birthday.  I didn’t think he’d really care if I was there or not.  His friend was there and that’s what was important.  I spoke with my friend that night, and apparently I was missed.  Of course, I’m such a mush-head I cried on the phone.  I mattered to an 11 year old.

We also celebrated the 50th Anniversary of my husband’s parents.  It’s not very usual to come across this anymore.  It was a very important event.  I spent all last week compiling photos from the family’s history to make a DVD for his parents.  Yes, I cried when I watched the finished product.  Unfortunately the facility that we had the dinner at didn’t have a DVD player to share it with everyone there, so after the dinner we went back to the parent’s place and watched it with them and my husband’s oldest sister.  My intention was that everyone would walk away feeling good about what they saw, and enjoy the memories.  We all wanted his parents to feel honoured and appreciated. 

All in all it was an amazing weekend, filled with love.  I am truly grateful for all the many blessings in my life.  Like you, I’m following a road that goes up and down, with many unexpected twists.  Weekends like this bring things back into perspective. 

The only truly important thing is THIS moment, and I want to fill my NOW moments with Family and Love.

Dream BIG!

Velma Gallant
The Queen of JOY!

PS ~ This week’s guest on Welcome Changes Radio is Jennifer Skiff.  We’ll be speaking about her book, God Stories.  I hope you can make it.  I have a feeling it’s going to be a very special show.

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