The Only Way Out is Through

It doesn’t matter what’s going on in your life, this is true.  The only way out is through.

If you stop, you stay in.  You can hide your eyes and cover your ears.  It won’t change a thing.  You’re in.

You can turn around and go back.  You’ll end up where you started.  You’ll still need to go through, and now it will take longer to get there.

It doesn’t matter where you are in your life, events happen.  Events happen to everyone. 

What’s different? Why do some seem happy anyway? How do they do it?

They know that the only way out is through.

They know that how they perceive everything makes the difference.

An event takes your money, but brings your family closer together.  Do you label this as good or bad?

An event causes you to take time off from work, but you’ve hurt yourself physically.  Do you label this as good or bad?

Each situation has two (or more) ways of looking at it.  Which do you choose?  One that makes you feel good, or one that makes you feel bad?

Which way of looking at it gives you energy, and which one drains your energy?

Which way of looking at it gets you through, and which one holds you back?

The only way out is through, and the way through is by you choosing the perspective that gives you the energy to make it.

Dream BIG!

Velma Gallant
The Queen of JOY!

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