Welcome Changes Radio on Youtube?

I did it!  Felt weird, but I did it!

I was tossing around fun ways to grow Welcome Changes Radio, and as Youtube is one of the top search engines out there (am I using the right lingo?) why wouldn’t I be using it?

I had a channel up that had my first video, Wake Up to Change, but other than that it had been sitting there unused for quite some time.

Like I said, it was weird doing it.  It took about 12 takes.  The first one I could hear my husband playing his guitar (his new toy showed up today).  The second one our dog decided to jump up and give me some kisses.  I screwed up lots too.  I figure 12 takes isn’t too bad for the first time around.

Here’s the video.

Plus the link for those who can’t see it.

Nothing fancy, but what the hey…it’s a start!  It doesn’t matter what we do, we do need to start somewhere, and I didn’t want to wait to get this going until I had it “perfect”.  I’d be waiting for ever, because there is always something to tweak.

Got a project you’re working on?  Are you delaying to get it perfect?  Just go for it!  You can tweak as you go too!

Dream BIG!

Velma Gallant
The Queen of JOY!

PS ~ Head on over the download Kat Tansey’s interview on Welcome Changes Radio.  Her show was awesome!

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