Deep Breath! Close Your Eyes! GO!

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Do you remember going to the swimming pool when you were a kid?  Plug the nose, close your eyes and JUMP!

The first few times you may have walked away…I know I did.  The next few times the knees were knocking but you were determined to do it, and did.  It got easier and easier, so you moved onto the Diving Board, and then the High Diving Board.

Same thing goes for Life too.  Sometimes we just have to hold our breath, close the eyes, and JUMP!

That’s what I’m doing!

Welcome Changes Radio is going to be off the air for 2 weeks as I head into Vegas to work with the same group that helped launch GREAT people and projects like Lisa Nichols and Chicken Soup for the Soul.  It’s a GREAT opportunity I know I would regret deeply if I missed.  So…I hold my breath, close my eyes and JUMP!

Going BIG takes courage.  Going BIG takes determination.  Going BIG means owing that Vision.  It means moving from the back row of the theatre.  Going forward row by row until your standing at the stairs of the Stage.

Is there something before you that requires courage?  How bad to you want it?  Is your determination being tested?  Are you still in the back row watching your Vision, or are you making your way forward to it?

Dreams that never die are there for a reason.  You are given the inspiration.  It’s not random.  It’s not there to create regret.  It is not there for your Ego.  It is there so you can be of service to the world.

Be Who You Are.

Deep Breath!  Close Your Eyes!  GO!

Dream BIG!

Velma Gallant
The Queen of JOY!
Host of Welcome Changes Radio

PS ~ If you’ve been THINKING about participating in the GOING BIG Mastermind & Coaching Program, now’s the time to take advantage.  There are significant discounts if you register BEFORE October 12th.  Set your application appointment NOW.  Remember, I’ll be out of town all next week, so there are not a lot of days to get your application in!  GO FOR IT!

 Deep Breath! Close Your Eyes! GO!

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