Let Go of the Rope

Christmas brought a large number of unexpected changes.  It was a difficult time for me, and yet, it brought forward such amazing clarity I’m grateful.

I’m moving not only into another chapter of my life, but we’re working on Volume 2.  Yes…that much change.

I shut down Welcome Changes Radio.  While I loved doing the interviews, and truly believed what I was doing was of service, there was no income from it.  "Love" wasn’t enough. 

The website is still up.  The past shows are still available, but there are no future shows.

I had come to realize that my "dream" of what Welcome Changes Radio, and other aspects of my business, was NOT what was truly important to me.  When it came down to it, it was not one of those things I couldn’t live without.  I can live without it.  Time with my husband and son…those are the things I cannot live without.  And web work, radio show, membership sites, all of those things were taking ALL of my time.  I didn’t have any time left for them, let alone me.

I began applying for full-time jobs.  I wanted peace.  I wanted structure.  I wanted to come home from work and be with my family.  I wanted to go to work happy, and come home happy.  As much as I tried to lie to myself about it, I haven’t been happy working in my business for quite some time now.  And it was time I was honest with myself about it.

Well…after many MANY sleepless nights, and hours upon hours of praying and releasing EVERYTHING to God, the clarity did begin to come in.  Step one was releasing my business, and remembering what was Truly TRULY important to me.

Step two was finding a job.  Well.  I got one.  On Friday.  I had an interview on Thursday with a placement agency.  They called my reference that afternoon, and called me back for a 2nd interview by 4PM that day.  Friday I went into the interview at 10:30 AM, and by 11:15 I walked out of the office with a job.

My friend who has helped people with their careers for over 30 years said she’s never seen that happen before in all those years.  I’ve never seen it before either.  I truly believe, with all of my heart, that it is Divine Intervention.

I had to, and there was absolutely no way around it, leave the whole thing up to God.  I had nothing left for "figuring things out".  I couldn’t do it, so I had to give it up to God.  There was no other option.

Well…I’m not out of the woods yet, and I still have so much to do.  But at least the job part of this is taken care of.  Next is cleaning and clearing.  I have a smack load of books I want to release.  I’m turning my office into my Serenity Room.

The thing is, I know I’m never alone, so someone else is swimming in this energy with me.  You know who you are.

What aren’t you letting go of?  What is it that you absolutely 100% cannot live without?  Is what you’re hanging onto hurting or helping?

As scary as it may be, maybe…just maybe…it’s time for you to let go of the rope.  And really let go of it.  Rope burns don’t feel good either.

Hand it all over to God/Divine/The Universe.  (S)He’s got your back anyway…and sees things we just can’t see.


Let Go of the Rope — 3 Comments

  1. Velma you have gone the extra mile and you have declared war on all that was blocking your life and your enjoyment of those you love…now you can rest and know you won!

    Your story will affect many in ways they cannot now realize as necessary. You are urging all to do a complete self-analysis and open themselves to reality and what really pays and what is worth all your time…and maybe, just maybe, making more money is not doing it for them, either! Or the promise of making more is probably more accurate to most.

    Love what you are doing and support you in whatever you do!

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