Testing, testing, 123

I have a new toy! No…wait…it’s a business tool. Yeah…that’s it. A new tool. Isn’t it interesting how we justify the things we do or buy? We do or buy based on emotions…wants…then intellectually justify it. We don’t often do … Continue reading

January in Review and Celebrations

Image by katiescrapbooklady via Flickr How did you begin your year?  Has it been all you expected?  Are you heading in the direction you wanted to?  Are things going the way you hoped? Did you make some choices for this … Continue reading

Easter Break, New Beginnings and Decisions

Easter Break is coming.  We received the notice in our son’s backpack.   Six days off, plus off early on Thursday.  He’s tickled. He’s looking forward to the Easter Bunny coming too.  He doesn’t get a lot of candy, and he’s … Continue reading

Toastmasters, Goals and Decisions

It’s the last week of October, and while we’ve had some snow, the ground is wonderfully brown. Autumn is certainly the season of change, and though I’m not a winter girl, I do enjoy the crisp freshness of the autumn … Continue reading