Such a Beautiful Day!

My beautiful day actually started last night.  My Grandma (who’s in her 80’s) gave me a call to wish me a Happy Birthday.  We talked for about 30 minutes, and shared some laughs.  I told her some stories about some … Continue reading

Holiday JOY!

The holiday season is upon us!  It’s only a few more weeks until our Family celebrates Christmas.  Whatever holiday your family celebrates during this time of year, we wish you the utmost Joy and Love. We’ve put up the Christmas … Continue reading

SPAM Blocker Program

At the beginning of the year I shared an article called “Breaking News: Are You Spamming Yourself?”  It was a really cute article that shared how our thoughts are often Spam! Today, in interview Nance Ellis for Welcome Changes Radio, … Continue reading

There is Only Today

It’s a special day for me today.  10 years!  We’ve made it!  It’s a wonderful milestone, and definitely worth a celebration.  It’s been up.  It’s been down.  It’s been easy.  It’s been difficult.  There have been times where I’ve wondered … Continue reading

When Life Gets in the Way

I mentioned yesterday that tomorrow my hubby and I will be celebrating our 10th Anniversary.  I also mentioned that the 10 years of wedded bliss weren’t exactly blissful all the time!  Sometimes, Life gets in the way of these things.  … Continue reading