Judgment by Any Other Name

Image by Buster Benson via Flickr An interesting conversation came up the other day.  A friend shared that she saw a TED talk by Gero Miesenboeck where he said, "The critic is a key ingredient in what makes us intelligent." … Continue reading

Faith IS Trust on Steroids ~ Following Up

Faith is raising the sail of our little boat until it is caught up in the soft winds above and picks up speed, not from anything within itself, but from the vast resources of the universe around us.  ~ W. … Continue reading

Rules or Tools?

The world is filled with Rules.  Some have value. Some don’t. The laws we abide by are meant to keep the community safe.  Those Rules do have their place. The Rules I want to talk about are those self-imposed ones.  … Continue reading

Change One Mind at a Time

Some people say “I am just one person” when they think of creating change.  It seems like a daunting task.  What kind of effect could I have on the world?  The truth is, each I does have an effect on … Continue reading