Call to Prayer from Masuru Emoto – Thursday, March 31, Noon

Image via Wikipedia I received this in the email today, and feel it important to share it along to you. Warmly, Velma To All People Around the World Please send your prayers of love and gratitude to water at the … Continue reading

Thank You for My Fingers

Image via Wikipedia My blog posts both here and over at Welcome Changes Radio have been FILLED with typos over the past few days! At first I was upset, and then I laughed.  I am a human being, and being … Continue reading

Managing Your Energy–Simple Works Great!

I posted at one of my favourite forums today.  Someone was asking for affirmations they could use when they were worrying about someone else’s need for a manifestation. Thought the information may be of value to other people, so I’m … Continue reading

Happy Thanksgiving from Our Family to Yours

Image via Wikipedia I know it’s a bit early for my American Friends, but for my Canadian Friends the feast is upon us! I just finished making my scrumptious bean salad and baked squash to bring to the family dinner, … Continue reading