Love and Fear, True and False

How do you know what is true?  How do you know what is false? How do you feel?  That’s your truth speaking. You know the difference.  Do you listen? “There are two ends to the spectrum.  Fear is one end … Continue reading

Choose Wisely

We know the choices we have.  It seems so simple.  And yet we often choose that which does not serve us.  We make up reasons why we don’t or cannot. We judge ourselves.  We judge others.  It is simple.  Why … Continue reading

Change One Mind at a Time

Some people say “I am just one person” when they think of creating change.  It seems like a daunting task.  What kind of effect could I have on the world?  The truth is, each I does have an effect on … Continue reading

Boundaries are Only Thoughts

How do you limit yourself?  Do you say things like, “Because that’s who I am” or “It’s just the way things are”? “We are all one, Human, Plant, Animal, Rock. – Every single little quark is united in the same … Continue reading

Language and Vision

I love to learn.  I love to read.  I never really thought about how these two joys actually support me to create my vision! "Vocabulary enables us to interpret and to express. If you have a limited vocabulary, you will … Continue reading