New Interviews Available for Download !

Image via Wikipedia I have been the guest for a couple of radio shows recently, and they are both available for download now! The Queen of JOY on Queen of Dreams Radio (Right Click and Choose Save…this is the actual … Continue reading

Deep Breath! Close Your Eyes! GO!

Image via Wikipedia Do you remember going to the swimming pool when you were a kid?  Plug the nose, close your eyes and JUMP! The first few times you may have walked away…I know I did.  The next few times … Continue reading

Stuck? What to do in the In Between Times.

Image via Wikipedia Stuck…in between…feels like no where, but it’s between there (past) and there (future), and there (future) seems so far away we can’t actually see where there is, or how to get there. Been there.  Done that.  Bought … Continue reading

Queen of JOY on Heaven Scent Radio TODAY!

I’m so excited! I get to be on the other end of the interview today!  Instead of asking the questions, I’ll be answering them! It’s going to be so much fun! Heaven Scent Radio is hosted by Maureen St. Germain.  … Continue reading